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Dear <<name>>,

I'd like to introduce myself to those that do not know me - Claire Robinson, Social Media Manager at Design Restaurants. I look after our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts. We blog three times a week and tweet and facebook all things fine dining and foody that we think our members and lifestyle partners will engage with.

My biggest remit is to support our restaurants with all their initiatives as much as I can. Please email me anything you may think of interest to our members and it would be my pleasure to give it a shout out. I don't need fully written briefs - just timely little gems and epithets that I can share, i.e.

  • New tasting menu launched this week - pic of namesake dish here
  • 20 rooms available this Saturday night at a special rate exclusive for Club Members of £xx
  • We've just had the most amazing restaurant review written - link to it here...

I am also doing my best to stay up to date and follow you all on Twitter and Facebook and it would be great if you could follow and 'like' us back. Below is a personalised link back coding for your website manager to simply add to your website that will display the 'As Featured by Design Restaurants' logo displayed in our footer. This graphic will link directly to your page on our site:


The Great Hall at The Lygon Arms link back coding

<a href=''><img src='' alt='Link Manager' style='border:none 0px white;' title='Link Manager' id='DRLink0'/></a>

Our blog is also a good read so follow us on Wordpress to find out industry news, celebrity members' favourite restaurants, top 10 lists and team updates. We have a LinkedIn Company page here and we run a group from the page where we discuss anything fine dining that intrigues us, both frivolous and serious - please join and share your views.

Finally - any joint initiative/competitions you would like to propose, I'd love to hear your ideas. We are doing a series of campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and our Blog to drive followers to your specific page by marketing FREE Prize Draws for afternoon teas, lunches or dinner competitions at host venues - a quick and easy way to stir up interest in your property to a large market segment. Please email me back with a prize and I'll get a competition set up asap for you!

Looking forward to meeting you in the blogosphere, or email me direct at

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